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Meet Glen, who creates these Best Salad Recipes Ever.  Glen began creating delicious salads after his doctor told him he could no longer eat the way he had been eating for over 30 years. The doctor said “EAT MORE VEGGIES,”  to control your carbohydrates or soon you will be diabetic. Having to eat more fruits and vegetables seemed like a daunting task, to time consuming and boring. Glen really didn’t have a choice so he decided to put his heart and soul into eating healthier foods and the result is this collection of recipes and a healthier Glen.

Being a creative artist he found his passion for making beautiful salads that were delicious to eat and artistically arranged, the health benefits were phenomenal. Using simple tools to prepare fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables he created a different salad several times a week for the past several years. The goal was to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into his diet while making them taste delicious. His collection has grown to an impressive display of unique salads.

Meet Sharon his wife who likes to design websites, creative writing, taking photos, and sharing with others.

Sharon taste-tested each salad and enjoyed them for her lunches and suppers. She wanted to preserve them forever because they were so beautiful, so she started a photo collection of these unique salads. As the photo collection grew she was inspired to create a website to share these ones of a kind salad and inspire others to eat healthier.

With the help of WA University she was able to learn how to create a user-friendly website and keep up with the technology to maintain it. As an added benefit Sharon became healthier too. That is how this website came to be.

Below is a collage of a few of the salads. If you look closely each salad is different.

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Optimal Health is #1 Goal

The health benefits of eating better are worth all the time and effort that you put into it. The freshness of the food combined with the low calories make a salad the perfect meal for lunch or supper. The salads also are easy on the budget, compared to eating out at a restaurant. Test them out for several months and see the results yourself.

There are many scientific studies that prove that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a good thing. Many sites have dedicated their content to explaining and proving this. The mission of this site is to make your meals enjoyable and healthful by inspiring you to prepare fruits and vegetables on a consistent basis.

Fresh salads contain powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lycopene, Folic Acid, Alpha-and Beta Carotene plus many more nutrients. Powerful things to put into your body. Powerful things to make you feel better. These antioxidants help to protect your body from harmful molecules called free radicals. They can help to improve your health.

Begin with a Weekly Shopping Trip

Stocking your refrigerator-freezer is the first step. Grocery shopping can be done once a week at a large supermarket that has a wide variety of both organic and non-organic produce. At the beginning of the week prepare your most perishable fruits and vegetables such as fresh berries and at the end of the week preparing the hardy and frozen fruits/vegetables. Having the ingredients on hand all week long make it easy to prepare salads.

Create Your Own Salad Recipes

As you browse this collection of recipes let them be an inspiration for you to create your own unique dishes. Combine the colors and shapes in patterns on your favorite dishes for your family to enjoy. Enjoy them for lunch and supper.

Choosing Non-Organic or Organic Produce

Almost all grocery stores today give you a choice of non-organic or organic produce. Generally, the organic produce is healthier and tastier to eat. They contain fewer pesticides than non-organic produce. Pesticides can accumulate in your body over time. The downside is that organic produce does cost more. Follow the dirty dozen and clean 15  guides to choosing your produce.

Search Site by Ingredients

Notice the Ingredient Search on the right-hand side of the page. As you click on the down arrow it will take you to a list of ingredients. Simply click on an ingredient and discover how it can be used in a variety of salads.

Our Salad Calendar a.k.a Salendar

A Salendar is a term coined by Glen. It is a friendly email that arrives about once a month in your inbox which contains new salad creations prepared by Glen. The email is a friendly reminder to eat the most nutritious foods that you can as often as possible. It will also inspire you to use your leftover fruits and vegetables lurking in your refrigerator. Simply fill out the Salendar Newsletter form to get started. Remember you can unsubscribe at any time.

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