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Did you know that 80% of all accidents in the home happen in the kitchen? Many of these accidents are caused by sharp utensils that are used to prepare food. Preparing the Best Salad Recipes Ever involves a lot of cutting with knives. Wearing cut resistant gloves can prevent accidents from happening.

If you or a love one have ever been nipped by a knife while preparing food, than it would be worth investing in a pair of cut resistant gloves. Those cuts and nicks are preventable.

Cut resistant gloves are gloves that have been designed to protect your hands from getting cuts when working in the kitchen. They are perfect to use when preparing your fruits and veggies with knives or a mandolin. Many people also wear them to shuck oysters or filet fresh caught fish.

Sometimes we become unfocused when chopping our veggies and don’t realize that our fingers are in the way of the knife. That is usually when accidents happen. I have cut myself several times while chopping veggies. Having a cut on a finger is hard to heal because we constantly use our hands for everyday activities and it hurts a lot. Keeping a bandage on an injured finger can be a challenge.

 Even a Pro Can Nip Their Fingers

Chef Gordon Ramsay accidentally cut his finger during a cooking demonstration on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” While demonstrating how to slice a red pepper, he sliced off part of his fingernail. Ouch! Well, the show must go on, so he continued to prepare a stir-fry while masking his pain and trying to hold a bandage on his finger. He said that it had been years since he had cut himself. Watch how Ellen brings out the humor in this live broadcast.

As you saw above, anyone can cut themselves while cooking, even a seasoned Chef. Wearing a cut resistant glove can prevent accidents from happening. Why take a chance of nipping your fingers when there is an easy solution to this problem.

Do cut resistant gloves really work?

Yes they do. They are made to prevent slicing your finger or hand while cooking. They are not made for puncturing or dangerous actions.

Because they are light weight they are easy to use while cooking. The gloves are comfortable to wear and easy to work with. They provide a good grip on your food and do not feel bulky. They are machine washable or you can simply clean them in the kitchen sink.

Slice and Dice with Ease

Gloves for Preparing FoodsLearning and developing your cooking techniques can be tough, especially with slicing and dicing. These gloves will take the worry out of getting seriously injured while perfecting your technique.

Sharp knives work better than dull knives and they make it easier to slice our food. The bad part is that they also easily can cut our fingers.

Mandolins make it easier to cut uniform sized pieces. They are very sharp and can easily cut your fingers.

Prevent Accidents from Happening

Best Cut Resistant GlovesWhen your children are beginning to learn how to cook and prepare their own food these gloves can save a lot of tears. I remember a number of times where my fingers cut sliced on my cheese shredder. Children need adult supervision while working in the kitchen, but a little extra precaution of wearing these gloves will help keep your children’s fingers safe.Protect your children’s fingers when they are learning how to cook.

It takes skill to work a knife or a mandolin in the kitchen. Don’t let a slip of a knife take the fun out of learning how to cook.

They are also make a perfect gift for the elderly who may not be as efficient in the kitchen as they once were. In fact, they are perfect for all ages.

About Cut Resistant Gloves

There are three main types of gloves for protecting your hands while cooking, metal mesh gloves, cut and sewn and seamless knitted gloves.

The seamless knitted gloves are best for everyday kitchen use for the average cook. They are made out of yarns such as Kevlar or fiberglass yarns. They are usually coated with either latex, nitrile or polyurethane.

Cut resistance gloves are rated between 0 – 5, with 5 being a higher resistance. When selecting a glove for using in the kitchen look one that is designed for food preparation and at a Level 5. Check the sizing chart to order a good fit for your hands.

Note: That these ratings (0-5) are just for a slicing motion used with a knife. The gloves do not project against punctures or other actions for what they are not designed.

Selecting the Right Size

Size Chart for Cut Resistant GlovesFood preparation gloves come in several sizes: small, medium, large or extra large. They are made for men or women.

Measure the palm of your hand to determine the correct size. The sizing chart varies among brands, so you need to check the brand’s sizing chart before ordering.

The gloves will fit either hand. You receive two gloves and most people will wear just one glove while prepping food. This allows you to always have a glove to wear while the other glove is drying.

It is easy to care for the food grade gloves because they are machine washable. Some people like to wash them by hand so that they are always available to use.

The food grade gloves are light weight and allow you to easily handle your food while using them.

Glove Comparison Review Chart

Safety in the KitchenNoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

Rating: 5 Stars Amazon
Level 5 Protection
Food Safe
Cost: $12
Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

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Kibaron Cut Resistant GlovesKibaron Cut Resistant Gloves

Rating: 5 Stars Amazon
Level 5 Protection
Food Safe
Cost: $12
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X- Large.

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Epica Cut Resistant GlovesEpica Cut Resistant Gloves

Rating: 4.6 Stars Amazon
Level 5 Protection
Food Safe
Sizes: Small/Medium, Medium/Large

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Cut Resistant Gloves by Tuff AZTuff-AZ Cut Resistant Gloves

Rating: 4.7 Stars Amazon
Level 5 Protection
Food Safe
Sizes: Medium, Large
Extra Long Cuffs for Wrists
Food & Work Gloves

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Great Gift for All Ages

A pair of Cut Resistant Gloves would make the perfect gift for your loved one or yourself. Keep the person in charge of preparing your meals safe. They are especially great for children learning to cook or the elderly who need a little more care. They are worth the investment. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Tips for Use

  • If your fingers are shorter than the glove’s fingers, adjust the finger of the gloves length by turning them inside out and sewing a seam at the tips to make them shorter.
  • Wash with dish soap in your kitchen sink and air dry in your dish rack.
  • Do not put in your dryer – let the gloves air dry.
  • Great for filleting fish. A great gift for all fisherman.
  • Be careful when shucking oysters of getting a puncture wound.
  • The gloves can be used on either hand.

 Video: Watch the Gloves in Action

Watch how this man chops with knives making “The World’s Fastest Fruit Salad.” I can’t even image someone cutting that fast and not hurting his hands.


Cut Resistant Gloves protect from slicing cuts not from stabbing. Remember these gloves are not invincible and you must use common sense when wearing them.

28 thoughts on “Best Cut Resistant Gloves”

  1. Great post, Sharon.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this one, being one of those who tends to get into arguments with sharp things. I just grated a bit of the tip of one of my fingers using a fancy new (and very sharp) vegetable peeler. Ouch!

    I like the idea of using one glove to protect the holding hand leaving the cutting one free.

    • You make me laugh. Getting into arguments with sharp things. I hope that you usually win.

      Since you have experienced getting your finger nipped you know how useful these gloves would be. Hope you get a pair soon so you can chop a lot of veggies.

  2. What a great idea and one I had never heard of before. I am useless with knives but because I now make green smoothies every day I have to battle a bunch of crazy fruit and vegetables, who I am sure are out to get me. I have had no end of knife slips and have sliced fingers a couple of times. Juice from slicing fruit seems to get everywhere and make things more slippery. Definitely will look into these especially since they seem easy to clean as well.

    • Thanks for checking out my article. I like to have a smoothie everyday also. It makes me feel more energetic and keeps me away from eating junk food. Eating fruits and vegetables is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Because veggies need to be sliced and diced, these gloves are a perfect fit for the healthful kitchen.

  3. This has to be one of the best ideas and improvements in kitchen gloves that have happened in recent times. I used to cut myself occasionally when preparing food or cutting vegetables, often when I was in too much of a hurry, but since using these gloves, I’ve never had another accident. They really work well, are light, and soft to the touch. I recommend them to everyone!

    • I totally agree that these gloves will help anyone who spends time working in a kitchen. Thanks for the recommendation. Why take the risk of cutting your fingers when this type of product is available? I am glad to hear that you have used them.

  4. What a great idea. I did not even know these existed! I am a single male and I want to start cooking and I am terrible with the knife, I remember taking a cooking class back in college and I think I was peeling a carrot and I cut myself (even though the teacher told us to be extra careful).

    This is great, I am thinking of getting one for myself and another for my mother. Thank you for sharing!

    • l am so impressed that you are thinking of getting one for your Mother. I am sure over the years she has prepared many meals for you and as we get older it takes even longer for our wounds to heal.

      Everyone needs to learn how to cook so that they can be healthy. Nothing compares to home cooking.

  5. These gloves are genius!. I pretty much eat salads daily along with my dieting plan, supplementation and workout program and I’ve come so close. far too many times to cutting myself. I’ve never come across a product like these but I’m impressed with the practicality of it. Is there are only similar products you can recommend?

    • Glad to hear that you are eating salads as part of your dieting plan. A good cutting board also helps to make preparing vegetables easy.

  6. Hi Sharon,

    I would love to have one of these for my kitchen. My fingers are usually quite careless especially with fish and their scales really hurt sometimes.

    One question though – when handling wet food, will these gloves soak the fluids and make our hands feel mushy from the inside? I sure hope not.

    • Using these gloves for scaling fish works well. When handling super wet foods the liquids can soak through the material but usually, this isn’t a problem because it would be for a short period of time. The gloves are easy to clean with soap and water. Your hands would also get very wet when not using gloves so it would be a trade off.

      Some brands of gloves have a liner that is waterproof.

  7. Of all the food website contents, this is literally a gem. I often like to cook and while it’s fun, believe me, all it takes is an accidental slice and it’s also life-threatening if that’s bad. I can tell you from experience, as well as anybody else, cutting yourself by accident is KITCHEN NIGHTMARE….pun intended. Getting the cut first-hand isn’t the bad problem it doesn’t hurt at first, but give it a few minutes, then the pain starts to really kick in.

    • Thank you for checking out my site. Hope you can prevent any future kitchen nightmares from happening. It’s true that at first a cut doesn’t hurt but after a while the pain does set in. We use are hands all day long and even a tiny cut can be annoying. Preparing vegetables take a lot of chopping so these gloves keep you nice and safe.

  8. Greetings Sharon. I am impressed with resistant gloves. I think this item is under-rated.

    The reason I said that is because people are so focused on the food quality rather than safety and protection.

    I am just curious, is there a glove that is ‘one size fits all’?
    So that it can be also worn by my family for example.

    More, since anyone can wear them, young or old, I will invest one to teach my nieces and nephews to cook.

    Thanks for the advises and tips, Sharon. Hope everything’s fine with you.


    • I am glad that you are impressed with the cut resistant gloves. They really are very useful in the kitchen.

      It may be hard to find one size that fits all, so look for a size that will fit the person in your household who does most of the cooking. You may need to purchase two sizes one small size for the children and another for yourself. They make a great holiday or birthday gift.

  9. Oh man, I could use some cut resistant gloves! Most recently I cut my hand using the bread knife. I really need to be more careful…
    You make a really good argument in favor of them by showing the Gordon Ramsay footage! Who would think he’d ever make a mistake in the kitchen (or sound stage…)
    I’ll probably buy some soon, especially since the fall/winter season makes me want to cook more.
    Great point on the disclaimer at the bottom! Pun intended 🙂

    • I think that everyone should have a pair of cut resistant gloves in their kitchen. No matter how careful you try to be, sometimes a knife has a mind of its own.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and hope the fall cooking season is a safe one for you.

  10. Hi,
    I love cooking and cutting vegetables in general. One of my biggest problems however is cutting in my fingers every time! I’m so happy I found your site. This information was really helpful and I’m definitely considering buying myself a pair. I’ll let you know when I get them! Hope to hear more from you.

  11. Wow! I didn’t even know such gloves existed. I have cut my fingers 2 times in the past 2 months. Thanks for the information. I got a chance to look around at your website. Salad is my lunch everyday and I have a great source available now. Love the Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Salad. Will try that for sure. Thanks

  12. Wow! I didn’t even know such gloves existed. I have cut my fingers 2 times in the past 2 months. Thanks for the information. I got a chance to look around at your website. Salad is my lunch everyday and I have a great source available now. Love the Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Salad. Will try that for sure. Thanks

    • Happy to hear that you have a salad everyday for lunch. They are healthier to eat than just grabbing a fast food sandwhich, fries and soft drink.

      I love picking up a rotisserie chicken on my way home from work to make a quick and easy dinner. Using the leftovers on a salad the next day makes the salad a meal.

      TThe cut resisstant gloves will prevent you from cutting your fingers when chopping those veggies.

  13. Cut-resistant gloves are such a good idea! I hate grating things because I always scrape my knuckles or my nails. Ouch.

    That world’s fastest fruit salad video is crazy! The way he makes the horizontal cuts shows how sharp of a knife he must be using. Good thing he’s wearing those gloves!

    I would imagine that one glove should be switched out for a clean one after handling raw meat, like when not using a glove, right?

    • I also have scraped my knuckles while grating.

      I think wearing something to protect our hands while working with knives will prevent a lot of accidents from happening.

      Since you receive two gloves and only need to wear one while doing your food prep, you would always have a clean one ready to wear after handling raw meat. They are easy to wash with soap and water right in your sink.

  14. I cook all the time. In fact I run a small kitchen in my home while I am living in China. Thank you for the great review. I will have to get a pair of these and let you know how I like them. I hate wearing gloves in the kitchen but it is something that can save pain. Like you said they are resistant not cut proof. They still save you and that is why I think I will need to get some cut resistant gloves.

    • Hi Marc, When I think of Chinese cooking I think of many dishes that are mostly made with chopped veggies. What are your favorite foods that you prepare while living in China? What type of salads do they prepare? I imagine that every kitchen in China could use a pair of these gloves. Glad you came across this information and hope that you stay safe in the kitchen.

  15. Hello there, such a nice surprise. I always prepare smoothies for myself, mixing vegetables and fruits. I need to be careful with a knife when I cut carrots or beets. Overall, human beings are great inventors. Where there is a need, there is a solution. It is great that I stumbled on your website and learned about this helpful option. I wish that more people would know about this possibility to protect themselves. Who needs blood in their salad bowl?

    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Hi Nemira, Glad to hear that you are eating your fruits and vegetables in smoothies. Smoothies are another great way to get all the vitamins and nutrients that we need. I have also found that cutting hard vegetables like carrots and beets can be a challenge. I agree that these gloves are a great invention since most people cook their own food and need to use knives daily.


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